What is Optimization and Systems Theory

Optimization and Systems Theory is a discipline in applied mathematics primarily devoted to methods of optimization, including mathematical programming and optimal control, and systems theoretic aspects of control and signal processing. In addition, attention is given to mathematical economics and applied problems in operations research, systems engineering and control engineering. Research performed at the Division of Optimization and Systems Theory includes various topics in mathematical systems theory, with particular emphasis on stochastic systems, filtering, identification and robust and nonlinear control; dual optimization methods with a wide range of applications, nondifferential optimization; structural optimization; and large scale nonlinear programming. The division also has an Optimization Laboratory devoted to collecting state-of-the-art optimization routines, making them available to research institutions and industry. During this academic year the division has joined the Center for Autonomous Systems together with the divisions of Computer Vision and Active Perception, Mechatronics, Machine Elements, Automatic Control and Signal Processing. This research consortium is supported by a grant from the Strategic Research Foundation.

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Last updated: January 14, 1997