Optimization and Systems Theory Seminar

September 4, at 11.00, room 3733, Lindstedtsvägen 25, KTH:
Tielong Shen, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Applications of Model-based Control Design in IC Engines

In order to satisfy the strict performance requirement of torque generation and emission, real-time control is now spotlighted as an effective technology. However, engine control, especially during transient mode, is a challenging topic, since internal combustion engine is a typical nonlinear, time-delay system. This talk presents dynamic model-based engine control system design examples. The following issues will be addressed: (a) speed control of gasoline engine during start-up; (b) Observer-based torque estimation and control; (c) Residual gas fraction and stochastic control; (d) Cylinder-to-cylinder balancing control. Experimental validation results conducted on V6 gasoline engine test-bench will be explained for the presented control systems.

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