Optimization and Systems Theory Seminar
Thursday, Nov. 11, 1999, 15.30-16.30, Room 3721, Lindstedtsv. 25

Claudio Altafini
Optimization and Systems Theory
E-mail: claudio.altafini@math.kth.se

Motion generation and control for a kinematic mobile manipulator: a geometric framework

Kinematically, a mobile manipulator i.e. a robot arm mounted on the top of a mobile platform, is a concatenation of rigid body motions in SE(3), the Special Euclidean Group and its subgroups. The formalism of exponential coordinates is used to generate a smooth curve for the end-effector of the robot. In particular, different closed-form cubic polynomials in SE(3) can be obtained from boundary data with the De Casteljau algorithm. Pseudoinversion techniques applied to the Jacobian of the kinematic chain allow then to transform the path of the end-effector into joint space trajectories via the product of exponentials formula. The higher bandwidth of the arm controller is used to couple the open-loop motion obtained via the inverse kinematic scheme with a trajectory tracking feedback in order to compensate for disturbances and/or unmodelled dynamics of the mobile platform.
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