Optimization and Systems Theory Seminar

December 6, 11.00-12.00

Dr. Reinhart D. Kuehne,
Steierwald Schoenharting und Partner GmbH,
Hessbruehlstr. 21c,
D-70565 Stuttgart,

Practical traffic control based on continuum modelling

Traffic control system on a freeways regard the system "route" as a control circuit with sensors, controllers and actuators. The actuators display traffic dependent restrictions including ramp metering. The large variety of displays and metering rates leads even in the case of simple conventional freeway control system to a decision logic with up to 60 different thresholds. For the choice of the thresholds parameters, an optimization method is under development which uses a macroscopic traffic flow model for real time simulation. The simulation model is numerically solved with proper differential equation solvers. It provides an objective function for appropriate traffic control measures. For demonstration of the capability of the optimization method, an example for an urban freeway ring in Munich is given.

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