Optimization and Systems Theory Seminar
Friday, May 17, 2002, 11.00-12.00

Dr. Jorge Marí
Bombardier Transportation
Västerås, Sweden
E-mail: jorge.mari@se.transport.bombardier.com

Analyses of propulsion system configurations for dynamic performance at design stage

For designers and constructors of propulsion systems, as those used on board trains, it is extremely important to make the right choice of hardware setups to guarantee good performance with little or no experimenation at the commissioning stage. A system has good performance if it fulfills a number of stationary, thermal, and dynamic specifications, as demanded and agreed amongst others between the train operator and the constructor. In this talk we shall present some of our current efforts to try to evaluate at design stage the expected dynamic performance of a propulsion system, all with the help of standard tools in systems and control theory.

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