Optimization and Systems Theory Seminar
Friday, December 6, 2002, 11.00-12.00, Room 3721, Lindstedtsvägen 25

Professor Manfred Morari
Automatic Control Lab
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ
Zürich, Switzerland
E-mail: morari@aut.ee.ethz.ch

Optimal control of hybrid systems

Over the last few years we have focused on the development of controller synthesis techniques for discrete time linear systems with constraints, logic and switches (linear hybrid systems). At present, there is a wealth of practical problems of this type which can only be handled by trial and error, thus requiring excessive development time. Our ultimate goal is to provide tools which automatically generate controllers guaranteed to satisfy the designers' specifications for such complex situations in much less time. In this seminar I will first summarize our theoretical efforts, starting with the solution of the famous Linear Quadratic Regulator problem for systems with constraints. Then I will show how these results can be extended to hybrid systems. I will conclude with a number of application studies from areas as diverse as automotive systems, power systems and biomedical engineering.
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