Optimization and Systems Theory Seminar
Department of Mathematics, KTH

Alexander Stotsky
Division of Optimization and Systems Theory,
Department of Mathematics,
Roayal Institute of Technology,
S-100 44 Stockholm,
E-mail: stotsky@math.kth.se

On roadway control for automated highway system

Drastical deterioration of the traffic situation during recent years necessitates the development of the automated highway systems (AHS) where all vehicles are equipped by intelligent cruise controllers which keep the desired safety distance automatically and "smart" infrastructure has the roadway controller which sends appropriate speed commands to vehicles at each section of the freeway lanes so that to achieve the desired traffic density distribution. The major source of capacity limitations, congestion problems etc. is stream disturbances such as entrance and egress of vehicles. In order to eliminate the effect of stream disturbances roadway controller should be used. We present new macroscopic traffic flow model for mean speed evolution on a freeway which takes into account command speed generated by roadway controller which provides the desired traffic density distribution in the presence of stream disturbances. Stability analysis of overall system is performed and results are confirmed by simulation. In the second part of seminar we present stability analysis of conventional traffic flow without stream disturbances. We prove that density and mean speed on freeway converge to equilibrium values.

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