1. Taxi

    Ask the taxi driver to take you to KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 25. If you come by bus from Arlanda, consider to take the combined ticket!

  2. Subway (T-Banan = Tunnelbanan)

    Price: ca. 30 SEK (14:50 SEK with Rabattkupong)

    Duration: 15 min

    You recognize the subway by its sign : a "T" in a circle . Take the red line train going in the direction of MÖRBY C. Note that this line splits before reaching KTH, so you should not take trains going to ROPSTEN! Here is a map.

    Get off at TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLAN which is three stops away from T-CENTRALEN. Take the exit to TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLAN at the rear end of the train. Go between two smaller buildings through the arch in the big red brick building to its opposite right corner with observatory tower on top. Have a look at this map.

    If you plan to use subway more often, buy at the Pressbyrån a Rabattkupong for 145 SEK, which is valid for 10 travels within central Stockholm. You can use this coupon also for local bus travels or for the local train, for example, to go to the Mittag-Leffler Institute. More information on the rules and prices of the Stockholm public traffic SL you will find here.