Stockholm, June 2003

Classics in PDE

A meeting in Honor of
Nina Nikolaevna Uraltseva's
 70'th Birthday

June 1 - 4, 2005 KTH, Stockholm


Stockholm, June 2003

Tentative list of speakers:

D. Apushkinskaya,Saarbrücken
A. Arkhipova, S:t Petersburg
L.A Caffarelli, Austin, Texas
M.J. Esteban, Paris
A. Friedman, Ohio
I. Gamba, Austin, Texas
M. Giaquinta, Pisa
A. Grigoryan, London
C. Kenig, Chicago
V.A. Kondrat'ev, Moscow
A. Nazarov,S:t Petersburg
L. Nirenberg, NY
A. Petrosyan, West Lafayette
G. Seregin, Saarbrücken
G.S. Weiss, Tokyo
V. Zhikov, Russia

Nina Nikolaevna Uraltseva, currently  the head of (the chair of) Mathematical Physics in St.Petersburg State  University, is a well-known specialist in the field of nonlinear PDE's.
Her fundamental results in elliptic and parabolic PDE’s, have influenced and will continue to influence 
generations of mathematicians working within the field.

Nina Uraltseva’s works range over classical problems such as the theory of uniformly, and quasi- linear equations,
variational inequalities, Signorini problem, $p$-harmonic
functions, quasi- conformal maps, extremal problems for area minimizing functionals, mean curvature flows, free boundary problems of obstacle type.

During the last decade, she has been working on regularity for free boundary problems in vicinity of contact points between free and fixed boundaries. 


Contact:  Marie Lundin, adm secretary


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The Royal Swedish  
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Organizing Committee:

Ari Laptev, 
Gregory Seregin, 
Henrik Shahgholian


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