Dynamical trends in Analysis

                           May 27 - 30, 2009


Stockholm, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

All talks will be in Room D2, Lindstedtsvägen 5, Ground floor. (see map)






This conference will focus on dynamical methods and ideas in analysis. Several world-leading experts will represent various aspects of the interaction between these subjects.

Supported by:



EU Research Training Network CODY


Scientific Committee:

L. Carleson, H. Eliasson, K. Johansson, P. Jones, M. Lyubich, S. Smirnov

Organizing Committe:

K. Bjerklöv, A. Karlsson, M. Saprykina, S. Smirnov

Invited  speakers:

  • K. Astala (University of Helsinki)
  • V. Baladi (ENS, Paris)
  • J.-P. Eckmann (Université de Genève)
  • H. Eliasson (Paris 7)
  • J. Graczyk (Orsay)
  • P. Jones (Yale)
  • M. Jonsson (University of Michigan)
  • A. Kupiainen (University of Helsinki)
  • F. Ledrappier (University of Notre Dame)
  • N. Makarov (Caltech)
  • F. Przytycki (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • N. Sibony (Orsay)
  • S. Smirnov (Université de Genève)
  • M. Sodin (Tel Aviv University)
  • M. Viana (IMPA)
  • M. Zinsmeister (Université d'Orléans)

Format of the conference:

Please note that, due to the short duration of the conference, talks will be given only by the invited speakers above.
However, listeners are very welcome, and there is no participation fee.

If You plan to attend the conference, please send an email to the address below. Registration is now closed, but everybody is welcome
to come to the talks.

Practical Information:

Participants are expected to find their own accommodation. For local information, see (note however that the information concerning prices is no longer accurate) http://www.math.kth.se/Howtoget/

Participants are advised that early booking of hotels is a necessity, since it is sometimes hard to find a place to stay in Stockholm at short notice.

Contact: dynamictrends at math dot kth dot se