Enigma Conference on Mathematical Physics

June 24-28, 2007
Royal Institute of Technology



Monday June 25
Lecture Hall D3
8.50-9.00   Coffee
9.00-9.30 N. Orantin Invariants of algebraic curves: from matrix models to holomorphic anomaly equation
9.30-10.00 J. Arnlind Solving matrix-equations by graph techniques
10.00-10.50 E. Ferapontov Integrable equations of the dispersionless Hirota type and hypersurfaces in the Lagrangian Grassmannian
10.50-11.30   Coffee
11.30-12.20 L. Feher Reductions of free particles under polar actions of Lie groups and spin Calogero-Sutherland type models
14.30-15.20 S. Ruijsenaars Integrable systems, analytic difference equations, special functions, Hilbert space: On the crossroads
15.20-16.00   Coffee
16.00-16.50 B. Gustafsson Laplacian growth in potential theory
17.00-17.50 Y. Suris Discrete nonlinear hyperbolic equations. Classification of integrable cases
Tuesday June 26
Lecture Hall D3
08.50-09.00   Coffee
09.00-09.50 V. Bach New Results on the Hartree-Fock-Bogolubov Approximation for Many-Fermion Systems
10.00-10.50 A. Hone Third-order integrable recurrences and integer points on cubic surfaces
10.50-11.30   Coffee
11.30-12.00 L. Hofer A quasi-Lie bialgebra quantization problem coming from a string theory
12.00-12.30 R. Frank The relativistic Scott correction
14.30-15.20 D. Serban Strong coupling limit of N=4 SYM Bethe equations
15.20-16.00   Coffee
16.00-16.50 D. Crowdy The Schottky-Klein prime function in mathematical physics
17.00-17.50 L. Mason Twistor theory and the full Yang-Mills equations
Wednesday June 27
Lecture Hall D3
08.50-09.00   Coffee
09.00-09.50 P. van Moerbeke Non-intersecting Brownian motions and the Airy process with a few outliers
10.00-10.50 A. Kuijlaars Orthogonal polynomial ensembles and their limits
10.50-11.30   Coffee
11.30-12.00 E. Nordenstam Eigenvalues of GUE Minors
12.00-12.30 M. Duits An equilibrium problem for the limiting eigenvalue distribution of banded Toeplitz matrices
14.30-15.20 T. Grava Universality results for singular limits of nonlinear Hamiltonian PDEs
15.20-16.00   Coffee
16.00-16.50 I. Kostov Boundary loop models and 2D quantum gravity
17.00-17.30 T. Claeys Random matrix ensembles where the soft edge meets the hard edge
18.45   Conference dinner at Värdshuset Kräftan
Thursday June 28
Lecture Hall D3
08.50-09.00   Coffee
09.00-09.50 A. Perelomov Kovalevskaya top: An Elementary Approach
10.00-10.50 C. Lee Computation of Renormalized Functional Determinants  in Radial Backgrounds
10.50-11.30   Coffee
11.30-12.20 G. Falqui Bihamitonian geometry and algebraic integrability
14.30-15.20 P. Kulish Algebraic features of integrable spin chains
15.20-16.00   Coffee
16.00-16.30 Y. Shibukawa Dynamical Yang-Baxter maps
16.30-17.00 J. Ferguson Flat pencils of symplectic connections and Hamiltonian operators of degree 2
17.00-17.50 N. Reshetikhin Fluctuations of random partitions near turning points

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