SF2720 Chaotic dynamical systems D level, masters and graduate students, 7.5 points

Responsible teacher: Michael Benedicks , 08-790 6148, michaelb@math.kth.se
No lecture Friday 24 October 2014
Course start: Friday 5 September 2014, 10.15--12.00, Room 3733, Lindstedtvägen 25, KTH.
Reading instructions for oral exam.
The intermediate value theorem for kneading sequences.
Text about rotation numbers for circle maps.
The future scedule will be decided at the course start. If you cannot attand the first meeting, please contact me!
Course info (in Swedish, acroread-format, pdf).
Course info (in English, acroread-format, pdf).
Litterature (acroread-format, pdf).
Headlines (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignments
Homework assignment 1, due October 3, 2014 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 2, due October 17, (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 3, due November 7, (acroread-format, pdf).
Computer exercise, due November 21 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 4, due November 28 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 5, due December 5 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 6, due December 12 (acroread-format, pdf).
Supplementary material for the lecture on December 5
Supplementary material on invariant measures for the lecture on December 5. (encrypted acroread-format, pdf, password given in class, please ask me for it).
Supplementary material for the two lecture on December 12
Sheldon Newhouse lectures on planar vector fields, Math 848, Michigan State University.> Most relevent are Lectures 9c and 10a, 10b, 10c.
Tentative homework assignments (from 2008)
Homework assignment 1 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 2 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 3 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 4 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 5 (acroread-format, pdf).
Homework assignment 6 (acroread-format, pdf).
Computer exercise (acroread-format, pdf).



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