The Dynamical Systems Seminar

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Date and time: 28 January, 13.15
Room: 3721
Speaker: Mikhail Birman, Tatiana Suslina, S:t Petersburg
Title: Second order periodic differential operators. Threshold properties and homogenization

Forthcoming seminars

Date Speaker Title
4 Feb D. Tchelkak  To be announced
11 Feb Bernt Wennberg, Chalmers, Göteborg On the derivation of a linear Boltzmann equation from a periodic lattice gas
18 Feb Wei-Min Wang, Orsay, Paris  To be announced

Previous seminars

Date Speaker Title
Jan 21 Nina Uraltseva, (S:t Petersburg) On the Lipschitz property of the free boundary for parabolic obstacle problem
Jan 14 Dmitri Yafaev, (Univ. of Rennes) Scattering by magnetic fields
Dec 17 Vadim Kaloshin, (CalTech) How often does a surface diffeomorphism have infinitely many sinks?
Dec 10 Tadeusz Iwaniec, (Syracuse) Weakly differentiable mappings between manifolds
Dec 3 Gaven Martin, (New Zealand) The identification of the two generator arithmetic lattices of hyperbolic 3-space
Nov 26 Kari Astala, (Helsingfors) Calderon's problem in inverse tomography and complex analysis
Nov 19 Anders Öberg, (Uppsala) Square summability of g-functions and uniqueness of g-measures
Nov 12 Vladimir Kapustin, (S:t Petersburg) Boundary values of Cauchy type integrals
Nov 5 Öyvind Björkås, (Bodö, Norge) Fast wavelet methods for boundary integral equations
Oct 29 Anders Karlsson, (KTH) Harmonic functions on homogeneous graphs: uniform radial variation and the Dirichlet problem
Oct 22 Kyril Tintarev, Uppsala A singular elliptic problem on a half-space
Oct 15 Andreas Strömbergsson, Uppsala Rate of convergence for horocycle flows
Oct 8 Peter Wilcox Jones, Yale Martingales with bounded square functions
Oct 1 Vladimir Kostov The Deligne-Simpson problem
Sept 24 Ari Laptev (KTH) Absolutely continuous spectrum of Schrödinger operators.
Sept 17 Mikhail Sodin (Tel Aviv) Nodal domains of harmonic functions and Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunctions
Sept 10 Timo Weidl (Stuttgart) On the Discrete Spectrum of a Pseudo-Relativistic Two-Body Pair Operator
Sept 3 Håkan Hedenmalm (KTH) Weighted Berman spaces and Integral Means Spectra of Conformal Maps
May 22 Leopold Flatto Lap counting function of linear mod one and tent maps
May 14 Nail Ibragimov (Karlskrona) Lie group analysis of nonlinear problems
May 7 Kurt Johansson (KTH) The Aztec diamond and the Airy process
April 16 Victor Schulman (Ryssland) Radical Banach algebras and radicals in Banach algebras
April 9 Eero Saksman (Helsingfors, Jyvaeskylae) The boundary correspondence of the Nevanlinna counting function on the unit disk
April 2 Peter Sjögren (Göteborg) Maximal operators and spectral multipliers for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup
March 26 Hans Rullgård (Stockholm) An explicit inversion formula for the exponential Radon transform using data from 180 degrees
March 19 Alexandru Aleman (Lund) Uniform spectral radius and compact Gelfand transform
March 5 Jan-Erik Björk (SU) Rigid bodies and the Kovalevsky gyroscope
February 26 Håkan Hedenmalm (KTH) Composition operators on a Hilbert space of Dirilecht series
February 19 Yolanda Perdomo (Lund) Mean value surfaces with prescribed curvature form
February 12 Per Sjölin (KTH) A theorem of Antonov on convergence of Fourier series
February 5 Pär Curlberg (Chalmers) Eigenfunctions of quantized cat maps
January 29 Nikolay Kusnetsov (Petersburg) Trapped modes, nodal lines and uniqueness in the problem of an obstacle in oblique water waves