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Henrik Hult

KTH, Stockholm

Algorithmic trading in a limit order book using Markov chains

Abstract: An order book consists of a list of all buy and sell offers, represented by price and quantity, available to a market agent. The order book changes rapidly, within fractions of a second, due to new orders being entered into the book. The volume at a certain price level may increase due to limit orders, i.e. orders to buy or sell placed at the end of the queue, or decrease because of market orders or cancellations. In this paper a high-dimensional Markov chain is used to represent the state and evolution of the entire order book. The design and evaluation of optimal algorithmic strategies for buying and selling is studied within the theory of Markov decision processes. General conditions are provided that guarantee the existence of optimal strategies. Moreover, a value-iteration algorithm is presented that enables finding optimal strategies numerically. As an illustration a simple version of the Markov chain model is calibrated to high-frequency observations of the order book in a foreign exchange market. In this model, using an optimally designed strategy for buying one unit provides a significant improvement, in terms of the expected buy price, over a naive buy-one-unit strategy.

Joint work with Jonas Kiessling.

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