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Exjobb (Master Thesis) in Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Exjobb Courses

The division at Mathematical Statistics (MatStat) is responsible for the Exjobbs (Master Theses) in Financial Mathematics (course codes (SF291X, SF298X)) and Statistics (course codes (SF290X, SF299X)).


The Exjobb is written during a synchronized course of two consecutive periods with specific deadlines and mandatory seminars. The course starts each period and students wanting to start their enrollment in a period have to submit a project description and registration form before the corresponding deadlines. The deadlines and all further information for the instance of the course which starts in Period 2 can be found in this pdf.

For the course starting in Period 3, January 2020, (with presentation dates in June 2020), there will be a general information meeting on 8/10, 18:00-19:00, in room F2. (This meeting takes place directly after the general information meeting for Master year 2 for CFATE and CTFYS.) Alternatively, there will be a meeting (with the same content) on 4/11, 17:00-18:00, in room F11.

The information meeting is non-mandatory, but a good opportunity to get informed about necessary prerequisites, general organization and scheduling for the course.

Further information about deadlines, schedules, etc. for the Master thesis course in spring will be posted in the Canvas Matstat Exjobb information group. Please self-enroll at, in case that you are interested in writing your Exjobb at Matstat in spring 2020 or later. (The enrollment is non-binding).

For questions, contact Anja Janssen.

Course responsibles

The course responsible is Anja Janssen.

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