KTH Mathematics / Mathematical Statistics   

This is a Google translation of the Swedish web page. I hope it is comprehensible enough.

In order to pass the course, you must pass the written exam. In addition to the written exam there are one written quiz test and two workshops. The quiz and workshops are optional, but can give bonus points on the regular exam.

written exam
The ordinary written exam will take place on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at. 8:00 to 13:00. The exam consists of six problem-solving tasks and each correctly solved problem gives 10 points.

the exams are graded according to the following guidelines. Deviations may in some cases be made by the guidelines.

credit Rating
  0 – 21 F
22 – 23 FX
24 – 31 E
32 – 38 D
39 – 45 C
46 – 52 B
53 – 60 A

Students who get 22 or 23 points on the exam will be given the opportunity to complete the passing grade (E). The addition consists of at a write time approved solve two of the examiner appointed tasks. A completion date will be arranged within two weeks after the exam results have been announced. Date, time and venue for spare moment will be announced on the course website. Completing the extra test is not permitted. Anyone who has the right to supplement and who wish to do so to express their wishes to the examiner within one week of the exam results announced. Registration is done preferably via e-mail.

allowed aids
Permitted aids at the exam is the calculator (excluding manual for calculator), a collection of formulas and numerical tables and Mathematics Handbook (Beta). Each examinee must bring their own calculators. The Department has no possibility to loan calculator to the exam. The collection of formulas and numerical tables are handed out at the exam. Own copy of Beta must be used. No additions may be made in these and spot checks of this can be implemented.

exam registration
Registration for the exam is mandatory and must be made via My pages. Registration can be done during the period 2016-04-25 to 2016-05-15.

On the student expedition's website are administrative information regarding exams including information on rooms.

Disclosure of exam results
Exam results are reported to ratings data system LADOK than three weeks after the exam. Then appears exams at the student office. Examinations will be available there as of the time when exam results are reported and even seven weeks after the date of the exam took place or the date specified on the exam.

Students with Disabilities
KTH has a central exam coordinator for students with disabilities. Turn to her for questions related to your placement exam to do.

Towe Breidenstein
Brinellvägen 8
Telephone 08-7906178

Retake a passed exam

Students who wish retake the exam in order to enhance the grade may apply for this to the student office or by sending this form there.

Quiz test
An optional quiz test (KS) will take place on Monday 19/9 at. 15:00 to 17:00 (halls listed under Current Information). The quiz test will cover chapters 1 – 7 in the literature (1 – 5 in the Swedish edition) and can give a maximum of 4 bonus points on the regular exam 26 October 2016. Calculator is a permitted aid, but not collection of formulae, numerical tables or Beta.

Registration for the quiz test is done via My pages.

computer workshops
In addition to lectures and exercises, the course covers two computer workshops ā 2 hours each that can provide total (3 + 3) bonus points on ordinary exam 26 October 2016. You may work individually or in groups of maximum 2 people. MATLAB introduction (session 0) is given to those students who feel insecure in MATLAB. Note that it is optional to participate in these workshops. One purpose of them is to provide a deeper understanding of the concepts and the theory covered in the course. Therefore everyone is recommended to participate!

Approval of each workshop assignment is made under the session, which means that the two hours should be used primarily for accounting. Thus, both the written individual preparatory exercises and the assignments must be prepared before the session. There are opportunities, but to a limited extent, to ask questions the to the instructors in connection with the workshop instruction.

Recognition Opportunities
Workshop 0 (Introductory instructions), 1 and 2 are held according to the time table.

Clarification on the bonus programme
Bonus points are only given on the ordinary exam Oct. 26, 2016, and only if the exam is graded at least 20 credit points (out of 60), the bonus excluded.