Olle Häggström, Matematisk statistik, Chalmers och Göteborgs universitet:

Couplings: Old and new ideas

This is a series of six lectures on coupling methods in probability theory. Everything will be done from scratch, so that the lectures are suitable for non-experts; the only prerequisite is to have some familiarity with probability on the level that we usually require from first-year graduate students. On the other hand, it is hoped that the lectures will also be of some interest to experts (such as those who attended the 1999 summer school on couplings in Ellös), because each lecture will (towards its end) touch upon some recent twist, or at least on some material that was neither covered in the summer school, nor in the books by Lindvall (1992) and Thorisson (2000).

The seminar rooms are situated at the Department of Mathematics, KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 25, floor 7.

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