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Tid: 15 maj 2017 kl 15.15-16.15.

Seminarierummet 3721, Institutionen för matematik, KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 25, plan 7. Karta!

Föredragshållare: Antti Knowles, Geneva

Titel: Extreme eigenvalues of sparse random graphs

Abstract I review some recent work on the extreme eigenvalues of sparse random graphs, such as inhomogeneous Erdos-Renyi graphs. Let n denote the number of vertices and d the maximal mean degree. We establish a crossover in the behaviour of the extreme eigenvalues at the scale d = log n. For d >> log n, we prove that the extreme eigenvalues converge to the edges of the support of the asymptotic eigenvalue distribution. For d << log n, we prove that these extreme eigenvalues are governed by the largest degrees, and that they exhibit a novel behaviour, which in particular rules out their convergence to a nondegenerate point process. Joint work with Florent Benaych-Georges and Charles Bordenave.

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