Chaired by:

 Alicia Dickenstein, Buenos Aires, AR
Sandra di Rocco, KTH Stockholm, SE
Mikael Passare, Stockholm University, SE

Wednesday 1/6

Plenary talks:

P. Parrillo: From Sparsity to Rank, and Beyond: algebra, geometry, and convexity

Invited presentations:
  A. Fruehbis Krüger: Singular 3-1-3 -- Tackling New Challenges
  Z. Teitler: Software for the computation of multiplier ideals
  Th. Kahle: Decompositions of Binomial Ideals in Macaulay 2
  E. García Llorente: monomialideal.lib
  M. Vejdemo-Johansson: javaPlex: a research software package for persistent (co)homology

Tuesday 31/5

Plenary talks:
  A. Leykin: Certification in Numerical Algebraic Geometry
  G. Casale: Liouvillian solutions of nonlinear differential equations

Invited presentations:
  J. van der Hoeven: Relaxed resolution of implicit equations
  E. Tsigaridas: Separation bounds for real roots of polynomial systems
  J. Berthomieu: Average Condition Number on great circles that contain real systems of equations
  G. Casale: Liouvillian solutions of nonlinear differential equations
  M. Cruz Fernández: On irregular binomial D-modules.
  P. Faccin: Computing generators of the unit group of an integral
abelian group ring

  T. Cluzeau: Monge parametrizations and integration of rectangular
linear differential systems

Thursday 1/6

Plenary talks:
  J. Buchmann: Future signatures
  D. van Straten: Algorithmic Aspects of Monodromy

Invited presentations:
  L. Felipe Tabera: A Parametric version of Hilbert-Hurwitz method using Hypercircles.
  B. Trager: Ideals of curves given by points
  M.-L. Torrente: Stable Complete Intersections
  Stefano Pironio: Noncommutative polynomial optimization
  R. La Scala: Skew polynomial rings, Groebner bases and the letterplace embedding of the free associative algebra
  N. Borie: An evaluation approach to computing invariants rings of permutation groups

Friday 2/6

Plenary talks:

  A. F. Krüger: Algorithmic Resolution of Singularities
  D. Maclagan: Tropical Algebraic Geometry

Invited presentations:
  F. Sottile:Toric degenerations of Bezier patches
  K. Arzdorf: Calculating the Semistable Reduction of Cyclic Galois Covers of Prime Power Degree
  A. Aleksandrov: Locus and stratum of freeness for deformations of hypersurface singularities
  P. Zwiernik: Binary cumulant varieties
  N. Villamizar: Bounds on the dimension of spline spaces
  M. Nisse: Complex and Non-Archimedean Coamoebae