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Master's Thesis in Scientific Computing

How to do your Master's project: A guide

Before you start

  • Start with searching for an project. You may look for proposals in the KTH's Degree Project Portal). You may contact a company or a research group directly and ask for proposals. You may even propose your own project. If you need help, contact the Master's Thesis administrator ("exjobbansvarig") or ask directly a reasearcher or teacher whom you intend to have as a supervisor.
  • Once you have your project you need to find a supervisor for your work. Again, you may contact a reasearcher or teacher at the NA group directly, or you may ask for help by the adminstrator. Please observe that the one you are in touch with may not have time to be your supervisor. So searching for a supervisor may need some effort. If you intend to do your project outside of KTH, you will need supervisors from both KTH and the external partner.
  • The next step is to send a short description of your project to the examiner. Either your proposal will be accepted immediately, or you will obtain hints on how to change your project such that it will be accepted as a Master's thesis project. It is a good idea to discuss your project in detail with your supervisor before submitting the proposal to the examiner.
When you are done with these steps it is time to contact the administrator for doing the necessary paperwork. Make an appointment with him to be registered. The documents to have ready for this meeting include: project description, transcript of records, application for a master degree project (a form can be found here).

Note that all that must be done before you start working with your project.

The first week(s)

  • Write a detailed specification with schedule of your project. This specification must be accepted by the supervisor, the examiner, and, if applicable, the external contractor. This has to be acknowledged on the white sheet. You cannot continue without the specification being signed.
  • The basic reading part is the next step. Once your supervisor has accepted that you have read through the basic material necessary to carry out your project, the first part of your work has been done.


Your will be supervised continuously under your work by your supervisor.

If your Master's thesis will be graded, you and your supervisor must agree about how you report continuously about your progress. If you cannot meet regularly, you can for example send a short description of what you have done every week to you supervisor.

During your work you must even do the following:
  • Taking part in a research seminar of the NA group or another research group. The seminar must deal with problems of Scientific Computing. Don't forget to ask for a signature on the blue sheet.
  • Be the opponent of another Master's candidate. It is strongly recommended that you do this before your own presentation. In preparation to that it is strongly encouraged that you take part in another Master's thesis presentation before.

When the work comes to an end...

When you have written the first version of your thesis and handed over it to your supervisor the second part of your job is done. Ask your supervisor to report this stage to the adminstrator. The thesis must fulfill some formal requirements on its layout. If you are using latex, a set of style file can be fetched here. Although not recommended, a word template is also available.

The supervisor will critically read your report and probably propose possibilities to enhance it. If you and your supervisor are satisfied with the report, forward it to the examiner. He will go through it again. Note that it is you who is responsible for correct style and usage of the language!

Observe that both the supervisor and the examiner may be occupied by other things. So it may take 1-2 weeks before they are done reading your report.

When the examiner is satisfied with the report and accepted it, it is time for the presentation. First, find a time when you, your supervisor, and the examiner can be present. This time must be submitted to the administrator at least 2 weeks before the presentation. This submission must include an abstract of your presentation. The seminar will be publicly announced.

At latest one day before the presentation, you shall submit the web form located at this link.

After the presentation, you and your supervisor should consider the remarks and questions raised during the seminar for a possible inclusion in the report. If you decide to do so, these changes must be accepted by the examiner. Then, you send a pdf version of the report to the adminstrator. Ensure that the report has a formal layout prescribed by KTH's official rules.

Note that you will not receive your examination document without having fulfilled these formal requirements.

Now, you are done.

Published by: Michael Hanke <>
Updated 2020-09-07