School of
Engineering sciences

Master's thesis in Scientifc Computing

Presentation and opposition

Master's thesis presentations will be held on an irregular basis. When you are ready to have the presentation, please contact me (Michael Hanke) to make the necessary arrangements. It will take around 2-3 weeks to prepare everything.

If you are searching for an opportunity to be an opponent to somebody, you may ask me for advice.

Here you will find a document about how to do an opposition. Read it carefully!

Your task as an opponent is

  • to critically review the report you got;
  • to especially think about the problem, the choice of methods as well as the discussion of the results;
  • to mark mistakes, things which you do not understand, thinks that you are curious about;
  • to keep the minutes (use a computer or ink);
  • to submit a copy of the minutes to the adminstrator, the examiner, and the supervisor at latest at 15.00 the day before the presentation;
  • to give an oral estimation of the report after the presentation of the report by the author;
  • to ask questions about the report and the presentation;
  • to present the minutes and the commented report to the author at the end of the seminar;
  • to have your examination form signed by a teacher after the opposition.
You may get in contact with the author in order to run the programs, for example.

Published by: Michael Hanke <>
Updated 2016-02-09