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Process modelling, operator training simulation and optimization applied to paper board manufacturing

Researchers: Per-Olof Gutman, Anders Linquist, Xiaoming Hu, Gianantonio Bortolin, Christelle Gaillemard in cooperation with Bengt Nilsson (AssiDomän Cartonboard AB).

Sponsor: AssiDomän Cartonboard AB.

The project was funded by Vinnova from April 1999 until December 2001, and has continued thereafter with external support from AssiDomän Cartonboard AB, only. In November 2002 Gianantonio Bortolin completed his licentiate thesis on modelling and estimation of curl and twist in multi-ply paperboard and is continuing his doctoral research. For her licentiate thesis Christelle Gaillemard models the drying section, and the moisture content of a four layers papersheet using grey-box modelling and identification, using Modelica for simulation.

Anders Forsgren 2006-07-28