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Topology optimization of fatigue-constrained structures

Researchers: Krister Svanberg and Henrik Svärd.

Sponsor: The Swedish Research Council (VR) and Scania CV AB

This project concerns the optimal design of structures experiencing mechanical fatigue due to cyclic loading.
It is generally accepted that a vast majority of mechanical failures in everyday engineering applications can be attributed to fatigue,
and many theories have been proposed for design purposes to predict fatigue of a given structure subjected to known loads.
Structural optimization is emerging as an important tool in industry in the design process of mechanically loaded structures.
A typical application is to minimize the weight of a structure, given a constraint on the maximal mechanical complicance.
However, very few attempts have been made to consider local constraints pertaining to fatigue, despite the fact that the success
of a mechanical structure often hinges on its ability to withstand fatigue loading.
The aim of this project is to develop mathematical models and efficient optimization methods for large-scale problems concerning
structures experiencing fatigue loading.

Krister Svanberg 2012-02-01