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Papers in journals and books (published and accepted)



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  1. C. I. Byrnes, T. T. Georgiou, A. Lindquist and A. Megretski, Generalized interpolation in H-infinity with a complexity constraint, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, to appear (electronically published on December 9, 2004).


  1. C. I. Byrnes and A. Lindquist, The generalized moment problem with complexity constraint, Integral Equations and Operator Theory, to be published.


  1. C. I. Byrnes and A. Lindquist, Variational problems and global inverse function theorems, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 16 (2006), special issue in honor of V.A.Yakubovich on the occation of his 80th birthday, to be published.


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  1. U. Jönsson and A. Megretski, Small-gain theory for limit cycles of systems on Luré form, To appear in SIAM Journal of Control and Optimization, 2005.


  1. Y. Kobayashi, H. Fujioka, T. Vongsaroj, and S. Yanabe, Speed tracking control of ultrasonic motors via sampled-data 39#39 control, Trans. on Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, 71 (2005).


  1. Y. Kobayashi and H. Fujioka, Active noise control of one-dimensional duct via sampled-data 39#39 control, to appear in Trans. on Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (2005).


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  1. H. Rehbinder and X. Hu, Drift-free attitude estimation using quasi-linear observers, to appear in New Directions and Applications in Control Theory, Springer-Verlag.


  1. K. Svanberg and M. Werme, A hierarchical neighbourhood search method for topology optimization, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 29(2005), 325-340.


  1. Y. Wang, D. Cheng and X. Hu, Problems on time-varying port-controlled Hamiltonian systems: geometric structure and dissipative realization, Automatica 41(2005), 717-723.

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