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KTH / Engineering Science / Mathematics / Optimization and Systems Theory

Thesis project in optimization and systems theory, 30 HP

Division's application form (in Swedish)


The goal for the thesis project is to give training of students in applying what has been learnt to practical or theoretic problems, and at the same time to give training in presenting finished work both orally and in writing.

Obligatory prerequisites

To begin with the thesis project in optimization and systems theory, the student must meet those general requirements by KTH, which implies that one should have taken at least 240 HP. Further more, one should have also obtained a rather deep understanding of the field. Thus one must have passed the following courses (or equivalent):
  • SF1974 Optimeringslära och Markovprocesser, 9hp, per 2,3, or
    SF1811 Optimization for F (or SF1841), 6hp, per 3
  • DN2220 Tillämpade numeriska metoder I, 6hp, per 3,4, or
    DN2251 Tillämpade numeriska metoder III (or DN2221 and DN2222) , 9hp, per 1,2
  • At least three of the following six courses:
    • SF2812 Applied Linear Optimization, 7.5hp, per 1
    • SF2822 Applied Nonlinear Optimization, 7.5hp, per 2
    • SF2832 Mathematical Systems Theory, 7.5hp, per 3
    • SF2842 Geometric Control Theory, 7.5hp, per 2
    • SF2852 Optimal Control Theory, 7.5hp, per 4
    • SF2863 Systems Engineering, 7.5hp, per 2


One should discuss a possible project with a faculty member at the division first. Please fill the applicable items on the division's form in advance. If the application is approved, the student will be assigned an examiner and then the formal application can be filed to the school.

Further information

For further information please contact: Professor Xiaoming Hu.

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Last updated: 2011-06-14