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At present, most of our information on undergraduate education is in Swedish. An English version will be available later.

The program in systems engineering is given by the division of optimization and systems theory. We will gather information about the program here.

Mandatory courses:

SF2863 Systems engineering, (Period 2)
(mandatory in the aerospace engineering study program)

SF1841 Optimization (Period 3)
(for those who did not take SF1861 Optimeringslära)
EL2520 Control Theory and Practice, advanced course (Period 4)
SF2852 Optimal control (Period 4)

Recommended courses:

EL2450 Hybrid and embedded control systems (Period 3)
SF2832 Mathematical Systems theory (Period 3)
SF2822 Applied nonlinear optimization (Period 4)
EL2937 Reliability theory (Period 1)
SF2812 Applied linear optimization (Period 1)
EL2620 Nonlinear control (Period 2)

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