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KTH / Teknikvetenskap / Matematik / Optimeringslära och systemteori

SF2863 Systems engineering,   autumn 2015.

Homepage of the course:


Per Enqvist, email, office 3549, phone: 790 6298.
Lectures and examination.

Emil Ringh, email, office 3413.
Exercise classes.

Daniel Gullberg, email,
Exercise classes.

Course material:

Hillier and Lieberman: "Introduction to Operations Research", 10th edition.
Please note, the 10th edition came 2014 and is the one that is sold at the KTH bookshop. You may use eearlier versions, the reading instructions are for the 9th and 10th editions.

We have a pdf booklet with exercises (and solutions) that is mainly based on old exams, "Exercises in Systems Engineering, 2014."
It is available for registered students at Bilda.
Additional material (manuscripts) will be available on the homepage.
Matlab projects/home assignments will be handed out/published on this page during the course.

Preliminary schedule for the lectures (L) and exercises (E):

Please note the changes of lecture halls I updated here, but check the KTH schedule to make sure.
Nr   Date   Time   Room  Subject  
L1.  Mon 2/11  10-12  M2   Course introduction. Markov chains. 
L2.  Wed 4/11  10-12  M2   Markov processes. 
E1.  Wed 4/11  15-17  L51, L52  EXERCISES on Markov chains and processes. 
L3.  Fre 6/11  15-17  F2   More on Markov processes. 
L4.  Mon 9/11  10-12  M2   Queueing theory. 
E2.  Wed 11/11  10-12  L51, L52   EXERCISES on Queueing theory. 
L5.  Wed 11/11  15-17  F2   Queueing networks. 
L6.  Mon 16/11  10-12  M2   Spare parts optimization I. 
E3.  Wed 18/11  10-12  L51, L52  EXERCISES on Queueing networks. 
L7.  Wed 18/11  15-17  Q1   Spare parts optimization II. 
L8.  Fri 20/11  15-17  F2   Marginal allocation. 
E4.  Mon 23/11  10-12  L51,L52   EXERCISES/LECTURE on Marginal allocation. 
L9.  Wed 25/11  10-12  D2   Deterministic Inventory theory. 
L10.  Fri 27/11  15-17  M1   Stochastic Inventory theory 
E5.  Mon 30/11  10-12  L51,L52   EXERCISES on Inventory theory. 
L11.  Wed 2/12  10-12  M2   Dynamic programming (DynProg) 
L12.  Wed 2/12  15-17  Q1   Markov decision processes  
E6.  Fri 4/12  15-17  L51,L52   EXERCISES on Dynamic programming 
L13.  Mon 7/12  10-12  M2   More on Markov decision processes  
E7.  Wed 9/12  10-12  V32,V34   EXERCISES on Dyn.prog  
L14.  Wed 9/12  15-17  M1   Guest Lecture: SYSTECON
E8.  Mon 14/12  10-12  Q31,Q33   EXERCISES on Markov decision processes  
L15.  Wed 16/12  10-12  M2   Summary of course   
E9.  Wed 16/12  15-17  Q31,Q33   EXERCISES on various subjects 


Two voluntary home assignments will be given, they give bonus points to the written examination (2+4 bonus points). For full details, see the descriptions for the assignments that will be available on the homepage.
Maximum credits on the exam is 50 points. Preliminary grade limits are, 23 for an Fx, 25 For E, 28 for D, 33 for C, 38 for B and 43 for A. The first written exam is given on January 11, 2016, 14.00-19.00. Please remember to sign up for the exam on "My Pages" on the internet.

Welcome to the course!