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A conference in honour of Björn Gustafsson's 60th birthday



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This conference is in honour of Björn Gustafsson and his contributions to analysis. Björn began at KTH as an undergraduate engineering student, and subsequently studied mathematics under Harold Shapiro. His research has mainly been within pure mathematics, but with a strong view towards applications and physics. Topics in which he has made significant contributions include quadrature domains, partial balayage (intimately connected with Hele-Shaw flow, for instance), mother bodies and the exponential transform.

Björn has collaborated successfully with researchers from many parts of the world, from Japan in the east to the US in the west and many nations in between. In recent times his work has turned out to be intimately related to topics under intense study in mathematical physics, such as Laplacian growth problems. Thus his research continues to be as vibrant and relevant as ever.