Loutraki Meeting on
Spectrum, Differential Equations and
Mathematical Physics


                  Loutraki, Greece       October 16-17, 2005

ESF Programme SPECT Meeting

Participants of the meeting:

  • Matania Ben Artzi (Jerusalem)
    "Resolvent estimates at thresholds" [pdf]
  • Michiel van den Berg (Bristol)
    "Open problems on heat equation asymptotics" [pdf]
  • Pavel Exner (Prague)
  • Bernard Helffer (Paris)
    "Spectral theory for Schrödinger operator with magnetic field and analysis of the third critical field in superconductivity" [pdf]
  • Rainer Hempel (Braunschweig)
  • Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof (Vienna)
    "Spectral theory and nodal domains" [pdf]
  • Demetris Kravvaritis (Athens)
  • Ari Laptev (Stockholm)
  • Anders Melin (Lund)
    "Multilinear singular integral operators in backscattering" [pdf]
  • Demetris Panayiotoynakos (Athens)
    "On the construction of the general solutions of the classes of Abel's equations of the second kind"
    (jointly with Demetris Kravvaritis)
  • Vasilios Papanicolaou (Athens) " Periodic fourth order Differential operators" [pdf]
  • Achilles Tertikas (Crete)
    "Hardy-Sobolev inequalities" [pdf]
  • Jesper Tidblom (Crete)
    "Geometric Hardy-type inequalities" [pdf]
  • Demetris Tzanetis (Athens)
    "On the Blow-up of a Non-local Parabolic Problem" [ps]

Organizers :

Vassilis Papanicolaou: papanico@math.ntua.gr
Ari Laptev: laptev@math.kth.se

The meeting will take place at Hotel Papas and is attached to the annual meeting
of the Steering Committee of the ESF Programme SPECT.

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