ESF Scientific Program

Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equations (SPECT)

Preprints 2002-2003

Mikail Sh. Birman and Michael Solomyak Lectures on Double Operator Integrals [pdf]
Virginie Bonnaillie On the fundamental state for a Schrödinger operator with magnetic field in domains with corners [pdf]
Fernando Cardoso and Georgi Vodev High frequency resolvent estimates and energy decay of solutions to the wave equation [pdf]
Sagun Chanillo, Bernard Helffer and
Ari Laptev
Non linear eigenvalues and analytic hypoellipticity [pdf]
Horia D. Cornean, Ira Herbst and
Erik Skibsted
Spiraling attractors and quantum dynamics for a class of long-range magnetic fields [pdf]
David Damanik and Rowan Killip Half-line Schrodinger Operators With No Bound States [pdf]
David Damanik, Robert Sims and
Gunter Stolz
Localization for discrete one dimensional random word models [pdf]
Nils Dencker The resolution of the Nirenberg-Treves conjecture [pdf]
Alexander Fedotov and Frédéric Klopp Geometric tools of the adiabatic complex WKB method [pdf]
Alexander Fedotov and Frédéric Klopp On the singular spectrum for adiabatic quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators on the real line [pdf]
S.Fournais, M. Hoffmann-Ostenhof,
Th. Hoffmann-Ostenhof and
Sřrensen T. Řstergaard
Analyticity of the density of electronic wavefunctions [pdf]
P. Gilkey, K. Kirsten and D. Vassilevich Divergence terms in the supertrace heat asymptotics for the de Rham complex on a manifold with boundary [pdf]

P. Gilkey, K. Kirsten and D. Vassilevich Supertrace divergence terms for the Witten Laplacian [pdf]
Bernard Helffer and
Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof
Spectral Theory for periodic Schrödinger operators with reflecting symmetries [pdf]
Bernard Helffer Remarks on Floquet eigenvalues in the semi-classical regime [pdf]
Evgeni Korotyaev and
Alexander Pushnitski
On the high energy asymptotics of the integrated density of states [pdf]
Peter Kuchment and BengSeong Ong On guided waves in photonic crystal waveguides [pdf]
Pär Kurlberg and Zeev Rudnick On the distribution of matrix elements for the quantum cat map [pdf]
Ari Laptev Ari, Sergei Naboko and
Oleg Safronov
A Szegö condition for a multidimensional Schrödinger operator [pdf]
M. Melgaard, E.-M. Ouhabaz and
G. Rozenblum
Lieb-Thirring inequality for the Aharonov-Bohm Hamiltonian and eigenvalue estimates [pdf]

Alberto Parmeggiani A class of counterexamples to the Fefferman-Phong inequality [pdf]
Alberto Parmeggiani On the Spectrum and the Lowest Eigenvalue of Certain Non-Commutative Harmonic Oscillators [pdf]
Seeley Robert Heat kernel expansion in the case of conic singularities [pdf]
Roman Shterenberg Absolute continuity of spectra of two-dimensional periodic Schrödinger operators with strongly subordinate magnetic potentials [pdf]

Michael Solomyak On the spectrum of the Laplacian on regular metric trees [pdf]
Tatyana Suslina On discrete spectrum in the gaps of a two-dimensional periodic elliptic operator perturbed by a decaying potential [pdf]
Ping Wang Xue On the existence of the N-body Efimov effect [pdf]
Dimitri Yafaev Scattering matrix for magnetic potentials with Coulomb decay at infinity [pdf]

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