ESF Scientific Program

Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equations (SPECT)

Preprints 2003-2004

Alexander Balinsky, Ari Laptev,
and Alexander V. Sobolev
Generalized Hardy inequality for the magnetic Dirichlet forms [pdf]
D. Borisov and P. Exner Exponential splitting of bound states in a waveguode with a pair of distant windows [pdf]
Vincent Bruneau and Vesselin Petkov Meromorphic continuation of the spectral shift function [pdf]
Vincent Bruneau, Alexander Pushnitski and
Georgi Raikov
Spectral shift function in strong magnetic fields [pdf]
B. Chenaud, P. Duclos, P. Freitas and
D. Krejciric
Geometrically induced discrete spectrum in curved tubes [pdf]
Tomas Ekholm and Hynek Kovarik Stability of the magnetik Schrödinger operator in a waveguide [pdf]
P. Exner, P. Freitas and D. Krejcirik A lower bound to the spectral threshold in curver tubes [pdf]
P. Exner and S. Kondej Schrödinger operators with singular interactions: a model of tunneling resonances [pdf]
Pavel Exner and Olaf Post Convergence of spectra of graph-like thin manifolds [pdf]
S. Fournais, M Hoffmann-Ostenhof,
Th. Hoffman-Ostenhof and
Th. Ostergaard-Sorensen
Sharp regularity results for many-electron wave functions [pdf]
P. Freitas and D. Krejcirik Instability results for the damped wave equation in unbounded domains [pdf]
Gerd Grubb Logarithmic terms in trace expansions of Atiah-Patodi-Singer Problems [pdf]
Gerd Grubb Spectral boundary conditions for generalizations of Laplace and Dirac operators [pdf]
Bernard Helffer Semi-classical methods in Ginzburg-Landau theory [pdf]
Bernard Helffer Estimations hypoelliptiques globales et compacité de la résolvante pour del opérateurs de Fokker/Planck ou des laplaciens de Witten [pdf]
Bernard Helffer On Schrödinger operator with magnetic fields (Old and New) [pdf]

Bernard Helffer, Markus Klein and
Francis Nier
Quantitative analysis of metastability in reversible diffusion processes via Witten complex approach [pdf]
Bernard Helffer, Didier Robert and
Xue Ping Wang
Semiclassical analysis of nonlinear eigenvalue problem and non analytic hypoellipticity [pdf]
Rainer Hempel and Alexander Besch Magnetic barriers of compact support and eigenvalues in spectral gaps [pdf]

Jens Hoppe, Ari Laptev and
Jörgen Östensson
Follytons and the Removal of Eigenvalues for Fourth Order Differential Operators [pdf]
Ari Laptev, Sergei Naboko and
Oleg Safronov
Absolutely continuous spectrum of Schrödinger operators with slowly decaying and oscillating potentials [pdf]
Vesselin Petkov and Luchezar Stoyanov Sojourn times, singularities of the scattering kernel and inverse problems [pdf]
Didier Robert Non linear eigenvalue problems [pdf]
Oleg Safronov On the absolutely continuous spectrum of multi-dimensional Schrödinger operators with slowly decaying potentials [pdf]
D. Yafaev and Ph. Roux The scattering matrix for the Schrödinger operator with a long-range electromagnetic potential [pdf]
Dimitri Yafaev A particle in a magnetic field of an infinite rectilinear current [pdf]
Dimitri Yafaev Lectures on scattering theory [pdf]
Dimitri Yafaev High energy and smoothness asymptotic expansion of the scattering amplitude [pdf]

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