Ref nr 520-2005-0155


( up to 3 months )


The Department of Mathematics at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)

invites students interested in Integrable Systems, Random Matrix Theory, or Mathematical Models of Physical Phenomena (resp. the research interest of any of the members of the Swedish ENIGMA node) to apply for a pre-doc position, to be financed by funds from the Marie Curie Research Training Network ENIGMA (European Network in Geometry, Mathematical Physics and Applications).

The salary (after tax, ...) will amount to about 1500 Euro per month.

Applications ( CV + research interests ) should be addressed to:
Jens Hoppe, Department of Mathematics, KTH,
10044 Stockholm, Sweden

Applicants can apply as long as this announcement is kept on the WEB without additional note.

Eligibility: Applicants must either possess a University degree enabling them to embark on doctoral studies without having to acquire any further qualifications in the country in which the diploma was obtained, or expect to obtain it by the time of the start of the contract. Applicants must also fulfill eligibility conditions for "Early Stage Researcher" positions, as well as the "Transnational Mobility" conditions of the "Marie Curie RTN".For details see Paragraphs 5.4 and 5.7 of the Marie Curie RTN Handbook

The Royal Institute of Technology invites female as well as male applicants. No distinction will be made according to race,ethnicity, religion, handicap or sexual orientation.

Stockholm, December 2005.