Carl-Eric Fröberg Prize


The Carl-Eric Fröberg Prize was inaugurated in honour of Carl-Eric Fröberg, the founder of BIT, and is awarded in even-numbered years to a young Nordic author of a distinguished paper published in the journal BIT Numerical Mathematics.


BIT is a Nordic journal for numerical analysis, published by Kluwer but owned by the BIT foundation. The foundation is administered by the Institute Mittag-Leffler and its board consists of one member from each of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden), the editor-in-chief of BIT, and the Director of Mittag-Leffler.


This year, after considering papers published in volumes 42 and 43 (2002-2003), the prize of SEK 30,000 has been awarded to Anna-Karin Tornberg, Stockholm, for her paper "Multi-dimensional quadrature of singular and discontinuous functions" BIT 42:3 pp. 644-669. Go to citations.



Axel Ruhe, Chairman, Stockholm

Åke Björck, Linköping

Olavi Nevanlinna, Helsinki

Syvert Norsett, Oslo

Stig Skelboe, Copenhagen