Swedish Study Group: Mathematics in Society
August 19-24, 2018

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

General information

Workshop summary


  • April 25: Initial problem submission deadline.
  • May 1: Problems finalized.
  • June 7: Participant application deadline.
  • June 20: Problem teams to be finalized.
  • August 19 – 24: Study Group at KTH.

    Workshop format

    Swedish Study Group "Mathematics in Society” is a workshop for interaction between society and mathematicians in the academia. The format of the workshop is based on the Oxford study group, where scientists from the society work alongside academic mathematicians on problems of direct societal relevance. There will be 5-8 problems from different companies or agencies and about 50 mathematicians from academia.

    The meeting spans one week. At the first day the company/agency representatives will each give a presentation on their problem and objectives to the whole group of mathematicians. After this, the group will break up in teams focusing on one problem each. The teams (including the company/agency representative) will work on the problems during the week with modelling and solving the problems. Interaction between the teams are encouraged and participants may apply their expertise to any of the problems.