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Mathematical Statistics

SF2935 Modern Methods of Statistical Learning

First Quarter (Lp1) 2018 -2019

  • Supplementary Reading and Lecturers' Slides.

  • The Bonus Programme of Summaries: Questions and Sources

  • Computer projects:
  • Lecturers (in alphabetic order) & Respective Topics:
    • Timo Koski: multilayer neural networks (ANN) and exponential families, SVM, Bayesian learning, unsupervised learning click.
    • Jimmy Olsson: random forests click.
    • TBA
  • Guest Lecturers in alphabetic order :
    • Erik Aurell (KTH) click
    • Lukas Käll (KTH) click
    • Sara Väljamets Data Scientist (Analytics) at Klarna Bank AB
    • additional: TBA
  • Teaching assistant (Introduction to R and to computer projects)

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