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SF2935 Modern Methods of Statistical Learning - Projects

Second Quarter 2016

Any questions about the projects should be asked during xxxx at room 3721, the same building as the mathematics studentexpedition, take the stairs up two floors.

Deadline for the first project is 21/11-2016 13:00 by email to daberg@ kth.se.
The subject of the email should be: SF2935 Project #: Full Name 1, Full Name 2
The name of the attached file should be: SF2935Project#-FullName1-FullName2.pdf
Also bring a printed copy to the seminars!

When writing down the report you do not have to insert all of the code into the report, instead describe the process of solving the exercise and also why we do things. As an example in 11 a) on page 171 we are creating a new variable, instead of just giving the code for how this variable is created, mention why we are doing this, why can't we use the original variable?

For the exercises the following data sets are available in the ISLR packge: Auto, Caravan, Carseats, College, Default, Hitters, Khan, NCI60, OJ, Portfolio, Smarket, Wage, Weekly.
If you need to access any of these datasets during the exercises it is enough to load the ISLR package and then you can access these by just typing their names, no need to load the csv file.


  • 2017-11-09 Uploaded Project 1.

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