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To obtain credit, each student is required to submit a 5 to 10 page preliminary research project report. This report should discuss a potential research idea, provide a short literature summary, description of the problem, and proposed method for addressing this research question. The topic of the research proposal can be of any approved area as long as the project has some connection to the area of hedge funds and quantitative strategies. You are allowed to work on the project on you own or in a group of at most 2 persons.

During the session on March 17, students seeking credits for this course should submit a one page abstract of the research project.

During the last session of the course, students should submit a one page abstract of the research project together with about 3 slides to be discussed in groups. The discussions will be aimed at giving the students feedback on the initial idea before completing the report. Your final report should be handed in no later than on April 15.

Students are free to audit this course but they must register as an auditor and there will not be credit given for those who do not submit a research proposal.

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Updated: 15/01-2008