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Mathematical Statistics

A seminar series on the hedge fund industry
SF2938 Seminar course in mathematical statistics I, 4 credits

  • Course description (pdf)
  • Schedule (pdf)
  • Literature and lecture notes
  • Examination
  • Lecturers:
    Kathryn Kaminski, PhD (MIT Sloan), Visiting Assistant Professor at Stockholm School of Economics, Visiting Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and Investment Researcher at Risk & Portfolio Management, RPM.
    Maria Strömqvist, PhD (SSE), Investment Researcher at Brummer & Partners.
    Contact: lindskog@kth.se
  • Prerequisites:
    SF2974 Portfolio theory and risk management and
    SF2701 Financial Mathematics and also one of the courses
    SF2945 Time series analysis or SF2950 Applied mathematical statistics or SF2951 Econometrics,
    or the corresponding knowledge acquired elsewhere.
  • Examiner: Filip Lindskog lindskog@kth.se

If you are a student at KTH, then you have to actively choose this course (just like any other course at KTH). This can be done through studera.nu or by contacting your program. See e.g. this webpage for details.

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Published by: Filip Lindskog
Updated: 10/11-2010