5B1822 Mathematical Systems Theory (Advanced Course): Geometric systems theory

Examiner and lecturer

Xiaoming Hu (hu@math.kth.se), rum 3712, Lindstedtsv. 25, tel. 790 7180.

Teaching assistant

Christelle Gaillemard (christelle.gaillemard@math.kth.se), rum 3738, Lindstedtsv. 25, tel. 790 7132.

Course contents

The goal of the course is to give students good knowledge about the fundamental results in the geometric systems theory.
For a detailed list of course contents, see What is in the course?

Course material

Course requirements

There are three homework sets that must be completed. The homework questions will be made available to the students around two weeks before the deadline. Successful completion of the homework sets (60% or better) gives grade 3. A written exam (date to be decided) is required for a higher grade.

Homework 2005

Note: The date in parentheses is the last day (before 5 pm) for handing in the written solutions. The homework questions will be made available online about two weeks before the deadline.

Written exam

An optional written exam (for grade higher than 3) will be held on a date in December 2005 decided in class. This will be an open-book exam. The exam will consist of five problems that give maximal 25 points. These problems will be similar in type to those in the homeworks and in the exercises. 22 points will guarantee a grade five and 18 will guarantee a grade four. An old exam and answers can be obtained at Elevexpeditionen, or from the teaching assistant.

Preliminary schedule for 2005/2006

Type Day Date Time Hall Topic
F1.Wed 26/10 10-12 E33 Introduction
F2.Fri 28/10 15-17 E33 Invariant subspaces
F3.Mon 31/10 10-12 Q23 Invariant subspaces (cont.)
F4.Wed 2/11 10-12 Q31 Disturbance decoupling
1.Thu 3/11 13-15 E33 Linear algebra, invariant subspaces
F5.Mon 7/11 10-12 M22 Disturbance decoupling, and Zeros
F6.Wed 9/11 13-15 Q13 Zeros and zero dynamics (cont.)
F7.Thu 10/11 13-15 M31 Zero dynamics and high gain control
2.Fri 11/11 15-17 V01 Reachability subspaces, V*-algorithm, zero dynamics
F8.Mon 14/11 10-12 V23 Noninteracting control and tracking
F9. Wed 16/11 10-12 L22 Input-output behavior
3.Fri 18/11 13-15 V12 Applications of zero dynamics
F10.Mon 21/11 10-12 Q11 Input-output behavior and Output regulation
F11.Wed 23/11 10-12 Q11 Output regulation (cont.)
4.Thu 24/11 13-15 Q11 Sylvester equation, Output tracking input, Output regulation
F12.Mon 28/11 10-12 D35 Nonlinear systems: examples, math preparation
F13.Wed 30/11 10-12 Q11 Nonlinear systems: controllability, stability
F14.Thu 1/12 13-15 D35 Nonlinear systems: steady state response (changed )
5.Mon 5/12 10-12 D35 Nonlinear systems
F15.Wed 7/12 10-12 Q21 Nonlinear systems: zero dynamics and applications
6.Fri 9/12 15-17 Q11 Nonlinear control problems


Course information on www: http://www.math.kth.se/optsyst/studinfo/5B1822/5B1822.html.
5B1822 Matematisk systemteori (fk)
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