During the five-day period 28 February -- 4 March, an intensive course will be given on robust linear control for uncertain linear and non-linear dynamical systems. We will use Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) or the Horowitz method which is based on classical Bode-Nyquist-Nichols design in the frequency domain. The aim of the course is that the participant will be able to design controllers for a large class of industrial control systems.

The course is meant for graduate students specializing in Systems Theory, Automatic Control, Process Control, Signal Processing, Optimization, Robotics, Automomous Systems, and related fields, as well as ast year undergraduate students interested in one of the above areas e.g. for a final project. Control engineers active in industry are most welcome.

Language: The course is given in Swedish, unless one of the participants demands English. The OH-slides are in English.

Prerequisites: A basic course in automatic control, covering classical feedback design.


Credits: 4 points.

Lectures: 28 February, 08.15 - 12.00, in room 3721; 1 March, 08.15 10.00, in room 3733, and 10.15 -12.00 in the Meeting Room 4th floor; 2 March, 08.15 12.00, in room 3733; 3 March,08.15 - 12.00, in room 3721; 4 March, 08.15 12.00, in room 3733. Rooms 3721 and 3733 are located on the 7th floor, Division of Optimization and Systems Theory, Department of Mathematics, Lindstedtsv 25, KTH. The lectures are given by Per-Olof Gutman.

Exercises: The day of the lectures, at 14.15 -- 17.00, with each participant at his/her computer. A room (to be announced) for the exercises will be put to the disposal for the participants, who are encouraged to bring their lap top computers. The exercises are individual or in pairs, assisted by the lecturer.

Software: We will use Qsyn --- the toolbox for robust control systems design for use with Matlab 6, authored by P-O Gutman and co-workers. The toolbox will be available on the Unix system of the Division of Optimization and Systems Theory. For the duration of the course and on demand, the toolbox will be made available for the computer systems of other departments and for participants with PCs.

Literature: Copies of overhead slides will be made available on the web; selected scientific articles; and Qsyn User's Guide and Reference Guide will be handed out.

Reference literature: I. M. Horowitz: ''Quantitative Feedback Design --- QFT'', QFT Publications, Boulder, Co., 1993; O. Yaniv: ''Quantitative Feedback Design of Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems'', Kluwer, Boston, Ma., 1999; M. M. Seron, J. H. Braslavski, and G. C. Goodwin: ''Fundamental Limitations in Filtering and Control'', Springer, 1997.

Contact: For more information, please contact Per-Olof Gutman,, tel: 070-2463672.


28 February 4 March 2005, 08.15 12.00

Opt&Syst room 3721 (Mon and Thu), room 3733 (Tue before 10.00, Wed, Fri), and Meeting room 4th floor (Tue after 10.00).