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Courses in Probability, Statistics, and Financial Mathematics

Advanced courses 2015-2016.
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CodeNameCreditsPeriod 1Period 2Period 3Period 4
SF2701Financial Mathematics7.5    
SF2930Regression analysis7.5    
SF2935Modern methods of statistical learning7.5    
SF2938Seminar course in mathematical statistics I4    
SF2939Seminar course in mathematical statistics II4    
SF2940Probability Theory7.5    
SF2942Portfolio Theory and Risk Management7.5    
SF2943Time Series Analysis7.5    
SF2955Computer Intense Methods7.5    
SF2970Martingales and Stochastic Integrals6    
SF2972Game Theory 7.5    
SF2975Financial Derivatives7.5    
SF2980Risk Management7.5    
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