SF2930 Regression analysis

SF2930 Regression analysis 7.5 cr, spring 2018.

    Lecturer (examiner):
    Tatjana Pavlenko email
    Department of Mathematics
    Office: room 3628, Lindstedtsv. 25 (6th floor)
    Office phone: +46 8 790 8466

    Teaching assistant:
    Daniel Berglund email
    Department of Mathematics
    Office: room 3417 , Lindstedtsv. 25 (4th floor)
    Office phone: +46 8 790 7187
    Office hours:

General course information
On the following pages you can find general information regarding the course.


    Obs! Recent info: 03/04. Exam is corrected.

  • Grades: A: 34-36, B 30-33, C: 26-29, D: 22-25, E: 18-21, Fx: 16-17.

    Students with grade Fx may ask for an oral exam to enhance their grade to E. Please contact Tatjana Pavlenko by email. Deadline: April 10.

  • Students who handed in both the projects but do not get the exercise moment reported in LADOK need to improve one, or possibly both project reports to enhance their grade to G (passed the project 1 and 2 part). The reports and comments about the completion needed to enhance the grade to G can be fetched from the student affairs office, Teknikringen, 8d. The improved project report must be sent by e-mail to Daniel Berglund, For project 1, attach the Fx commented version. The deadline for completing the projects for P3 is 20th of April.

  • Questions for the exam pdf.

  • Computer projects (3.0 cr): there are two compulsory computer projects that are to be submitted as written reports. Each report should be written by a group of two (2) students.
    The computer projects will be graded with Pass/Fail.

  • The written exam (4.5 cr): the exam will be held on Tuesday 13th March 2018, 8.00-13.00. The exam (4.5 cr) consists of 6 problems, every problem counts for a total of 6 points. The preliminary score needed to pass the exam is 18. Allowed aids: calculators and BETA Mathematics Handbook.

  • Final grades for the whole course are set according to the quality of the written examination. Grades are given in the range A-F, where A is the best and F means failed. Fx means that you have the right to a complementary examination (to reach the grade E). The criteria for Fx is a grade F on the exam, and that an isolated part of the course can be identified where you have shown a particular lack of knowledge and that the examination after a complementary examination on this part can be given the grade E.

  • Registration for the exam is mandatory.

Administrative matters
All questions concerning registration for the course, registration for the exams and other administrative matters should be addressed to the student affairs office of the Department of Mathematics.

The homepage for the student affairs office can be reached via the following links:


  • Important: Students, who are admitted to a course and who intend to attend it, need to activate themselves in Rapp . Log in there using your KTH-id and click on "activate" (aktivera). The codename for sf2930 in Rapp is regan18 .

  • Registration for the written examination via "my pages" is required.

  • Students from SU: register at the students' office of the department of mathematics at KTH. Information about the location of the exam is found here. Information about the students' office, exam registration etc, can be found here.

  • Students with disabilities: Please contact KTH FUNKA to inquire about any support you may need during the exam.

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